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Ruth Ann Brant(non-registered)
Your photos are beautiful, awesome, phenomenal. Now I have to add Iceland and Yosemite to my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing.
Judy McCauley(non-registered)
Al, your photos are amazing! I'm so glad Donna posted your site on FB.
Loved all of them.
Charlie Armentrout(non-registered)
That is a bizarre falls where you walk up to it on the flat like you're on a plain. Great pics. I feel like I was there. Its fun to see your photos. Thanks for sharing them
Jerilyn Jefferis(non-registered)
Finally looking at your beautiful photos. Totally enjoy. Great hobbie!!!
Carol Novotny(non-registered)
Great photos Al!
Anna Calabria(non-registered)
LOVE the winter pictures! Also the moose and the eagles are just beautiful!!! I really enjoy viewing your work. Thank you, Anna
Suzanne Becker(non-registered)
So much enjoyed your fantastic photos. Hope to see you soon.
All your photos are outstanding, always love seeing all the new ones, but the one I love the very best is the "about" one!!
Ron Adelman(non-registered)
I just looked at a few of the photos and they are beautiful to view.
One question though...I did not look through the entire album photos of golf courses?
Elsbeth Upton(non-registered)
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